Can I use my own fonts? | deskish

Can I use my own fonts?

Yes, you can use your own fonts by adding (uploading) the corresponding font files to your Deskish account.

Supported file types

Browsers ask for different font files than your computer's operating system. To add to the complexity, different browsers want different file types. To make sure your font is displayed correctly in all browsers and on all devices, you need to upload at least 4 different font file types for each style ('regular', 'bold', 'italic'):

  • TTF or OTF
  • SVG
  • EOT
  • WOFF or WOFF2

If you have all your files ready you can move straight down to How to add my files to Deskish.


  • Did you buy them online? Your font povider should offer you the file types for download. Please go back to the provider's website and download the missing file types.
  • You only have one file (i.e. only a OTF or TTF) but don't know where to go? Use a tool like the FontSquirrel Webfont Generator to create the missing file types. 

Either way, make sure you own the rights of the font before you use them on Deskish (or anywhere else for that matter).

How to use the FontSquirrel Webfont Generator

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Expert…" mode (see below).
  3. Select the file types as shown in the image below (TrueType, EOT Lite, SVG, WOFF).
  4. Don't forget to also check the agreement box at the bottom (see below).
  5. Hit "Download you kit" to generate and download the package.

Upload web font files to Deskish

How to add my files to Deskish

  1. Two ways of getting to the upload dialog:

    1. Select any text item on the desk and open the font family menu in the property box. Choose "+ Ad your own webfont".
    2. Alternatively, go to '' > 'Settings' > 'Customise'  in the top right menu.
  2. Here, in the 'Typography' section, click "Upload files" and upload all you have got. 
    Hint: Adding groups of 4 (all 4 files of a single style) makes it easier to keep track.

  3. As soon as the font files are uploadeed appear in the box below, …

    1. … take a look at the font family name field: 

      • This entry will later appear as the name of the font in the property box. Tip: Keep it short, but choose whatever you see fit. 
      • A complete font family tipically consists of four styles: "regular""italic""bold" and "bold-italic".
      • All styles should have the same family entry to appear under one name in the property box. The different styles can then be activated in the property box menu ("B", "I").
      • If you have additional styles ("black", "light", "thin", "500", "display", etc.), add that to the family name. This way, it will be available as a separate option in the property box.
    2. … check the correspondend style boxes (bold, italic). For the 'regular' font style, don't check any boxes.

  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until all your files are uploaded and set up correctly. 
    Remember: Eventually, all font files of the same font family must have the same name (including bold and italic) to appear under one name in the property box.****

  5. Click "Save changes" below and close the settings dialog. Your uploaded fonts should now be available for use.

 Upload web font files to Deskish