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Visibility & Permissions settings

Depending on it's purpose, a desk can come in many different configurations. All it's characteristics can be defined in detail either in the desk settings (gear wheel in the centre top menu) or via the sharing wizard (blue sharing button > 'Visibility & permissions').


  • If selecting "Everybody (public)" in the drop down menu, your desk can be found by anyone (i.e. on Deskish or on Google), and will also be posted to your Deskish blog (
  • By choosing "Only people with the link (unlisted)", you can prevent a desk from being shown or listed anywhere.
  • Selecting "Only me (private)" would make sharing impossible, so don't. This option is only here in case you want to "unshare" a desk at a later point in time.


  • add: If ON, the "Tools"-button appears with which visitors are able to add all sorts of items to your desk.
  • edit: If ON, visitors are able to edit any item (i.e. delete, scale, change a text's color, etc.).
  • move: If ON, visitors are able to move any item around the desk.
    NOTE: If you allow others to participate, all changes made by you or anyone else on the desk will be applied instantly (it is "live"). However, if you don't allow participation, changes to the desk remain hidden until you click "Update desk name" (because you wouldn't want others to watch while you are making the changes, right?).
  • zoom: If ON, a zoom slider and zoom buttons appear.
  • download: If ON, visitors can download any item via property box (only if 'edit' is ON, too)
  • enlarge images: If ON, clicking a image will open a larger preview of the image.
  • create copies of this desk: If ON, visitors will be able to save a copy of your desk in order to build upon it.
  • Changes can be made by (only available if at least add, edit, or move is ON):
    • registered Deskish users: Only logged in users can make changes.
    • Anyone: No login is requred to make changes.
  • Save/don't save changes (only available if at least add, edit, or move is ON):
    • don't save visitor changes: In this case, the desk is a temporary playground: Visitors will be able to do everything you allow them to do (see permissions above), but it won't affect your original desk.
      NOTE: If you allow them to save a copy (see permissions above), they will be able to save the changed version of the desk.
    • save visitor changes: In this case, all changes made by anyone are immediately saved and everyone is working on the very same desk. Make sure you share this desk's url only with people you really want to be able to participate.