What is "upvoting"? | deskish

What is "upvoting"?

Every public desk is given a score by an algorithm. Desks with the highest scores appear on www.deskish.com and also in Deskish's "trending" section (logged in).

A desk's score takes into account the desk's age as well as the amount of 'upvotes' it has. If you want to get your desk onto the front page (and keep it there), get them friends to give you them upvotes!

A few other ways to look at it:
- The older a desk gets, the lower its score.
- If two desks have the same amount of 'Upvotes', the newer desk is ranked higher than an older.
- The only way to influence a desks score is to 'upvote' for it.
- The actual score algorithm is S = U / T^G.

U = upvotes, T = Time, G = Gravity (determents how quickly "older" desks drop)